05 July 2007

Pape Armand Boye's Senegalese Sound

CD Review
Pape Armand Boye: Xareba


Senegal-rooted acoustic soul/hip-hop/pop music? Labels fail to capture the contemporary sound of Pape Armand Boye, whose CD Xareba (The Struggle) reflects his African roots and his bouncing between Germany, Paris, and the USA.

The sound often is more like Cameroonian Afro-jazz (Gino Sitson, Richard Bona) than other Senegalese music. Then there's the rap by Mojo the Cinematic on the title track, and the reggae beat of "Innocent Blood," further mixing things up. The keyboards sound a little cheesy here and there, as on "Yayoo," which manages to be both wandering and brief. My favorite so far is "Li nga Wessu," the lone live recording on the album, which features some very tasty flute playing and more energy than the studio recordings. An ambitious release from a promising artist.

sample all the songs on the album at Pape Armand Boye's website

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