30 August 2007

33 Seconds of Sound, episode 1

Introducing 33 Seconds of Sound: an occasional series of field recordings

[mp3] episode 1

SoundRoots brings you the sounds of the world in the form of recorded music. But there's more to audio culture than music. 30 Seconds of Sound is an intriguing series of field recordings documenting some of the sounds that surround me in my culture. I'm currently recording with a minidisk, and the sounds you hear are trimmed to 33 seconds with a 1-second fade in and fade out, but otherwise unedited.

Can you identify this sound? To find out what it is and where it comes from, read the comments.

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SpinTheGlobe said...

This summer, yellow jackets have taken up residence in a wall of my porch. I've been trying to discourage them without resorting to chemical pesticides. I tried to seal their entrance to the wall with expanding foam, but it turns out they're quite proficient at chewing through even several inches of foam. In fact, they actually seem to enjoy it. I think they're using foam to build a super-durable wood-foam hybrid nest. I stood on the porch above and lowered a microphone on a cord to capture this sound (yes, I was unwilling to stand that close to the buzzing, pointy-butted critters to hold the microphone by hand). You'll hear the chewing noises, some buzzing, a neighbor's dog, and some traffic noise from a street a half-block away.