03 August 2007

Hummus Imitates Falafel

If you caught recent report on the Middle East, you could be forgiven if you were confused by its resemblance to the short film West Bank Story, which SoundRoots readers may recall from SoundRoots' interview with the film's musical director, Yuval Ron.
West Bank Story - film still
The story in the Christian Science Monitor found great symbolism, not in the falafel that is the focus of the film's battling Kosher King and Hummus Hut, but in another regional specialty:
While foreigners know it as a dainty Mediterranean dip found in boutique delis, hummus for Israelis and Palestinians is a savory sustenance devoured by the vat everywhere from dusty refugee camps in the West Bank to yuppie hot spots in Tel Aviv. Both staple and delicacy, it's a culinary icon that's a prism of the complex nexus between two neighboring peoples in constant strife.
Critics consider Israeli interpretations of hummus as merely byproducts of decades of Israeli expropriation of Palestinian land. But some see the spread as a glimmer of hope for reconciliation despite grim political prospects for peace.

Makes one hungry for peace, no?

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Anonymous said...

Hummus - Yummy.
It is unfortunatethat "Hummus" in my (Czech) language means "Rubbish"
I've enjoyed this everywhere from Pakistan to Greece.
The food of Peace.