02 August 2007

Scenes from an African Cafe

Various Artists: Songs of the African Coast-Cafe Music of Liberia
Recorded by Arthur Alberts

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Songs of the African Coast-Cafe Music of Liberia
Back in 2003, I reviewed the predecessor to this album, a CD by the same name but with fewer tracks and very limited distribution. Now Arthur Albert's great-nephew Guthrie Alberts has formed Yarngo Records and re-issued this wonderful compilation of unusual African music, complete with delightful photos of the musicians and additional tracks, the most engaging of which is certainly the adventurous and humorous "Nothing But Leaves." Alternative tracks of "Gbanawa," "Bush Cow Milk," and "Nana Kru" are also included on sparkling 18-song disc, which defies expectations of African music. Read the original review from December 2003.

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