16 August 2007

World Music Top 10 - August 2007

SoundRoots / Spin The Globe
Top 10 World Music Albums - August 2007

Baval - Blizzard Boheme
1. Balval: Blizzard Boheme
2. Fanfare Ciocarlia:
Queens and Kings
3. Gaudi + Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan:
Dub Qawwali
4. Zap Mama:
5. Nawal:
6. Don't Be a Stranger:
7. Dobet Gnahore:
Na Afriki
8. Suphala:
9. Jose Conde & Ola Fresca:
10. March Fourth Marching Band:
March Fourth Marching Band

Have I mentioned the small print recently? This monthly chart is assembled with the use of hard data in the form of spins on KAOS-fm, along with radio listener and SoundRoots reader response, plus my own fickle tastes. It is far from scientific, but it is highly accurate and always reflects some of the best current global music.

The #1 album this month is one of my favorite Gypsy-music releases of late...and with the current popularity of Gypsy music, that's saying something. You can hear several song samples from their album on an earlier post.

One of the albums that deserves your attention is Don't Be a Stranger's One. In truth the artist should be listed as Onno Krijn and Friends. Krijn is a Dutch composer/producer who has recorded a slew of great musicians from around the planet, and on this CD he takes some of those recordings and adds his own touches. The result is a global mix of styles from Africa (Senegal, Ethiopia), Iraq, Asia (India, Tibet, Indonesia) Scotland, the USA, and the Netherlands that has reviewers using words like brilliant, hypnotic, and astounding. I can't disagree.

Video of the week: Once Upon a Time in the Congo

In 1996, the Rwandan Tutsi-dominated army under the direction of vice-president Paul Kagame invaded Zaire under the pretext of defeating both the former Rwandan army and the Interahamwe militia. But Kagame's army began looting the mineral riches of Zaire and formed an alliance with the Interahamwe to help him do it. In 1998, President Paul Kagame, furious that he couldn't control his former ally, the Congolese president Laurent Desire Kabila, again invaded in an attempt to remove President Kabila. This time Rwanda's army was joined by the Ugandan army of President Yoweri Musevani, resulting in the rape of at least 40,000 Congolese women and the extermination of at least 4.7 million Congolese civilians. This is the story of one of those victims, a woman named Kita.
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Anonymous said...

The words of the song that you quote are shallow in the extreme. President Kagame, then as vice-president, could not loot what the Congolese have failed to loot for millenia. Or else why are they so poverty-stricken when they are sitting on the wealth you mention? Those who have looted the Congo since the days of King Leopold of Belgium have the means and they are known.

Anonymous said...

Though I needed to keep you up to date with latest news on Ethiopian music.


It's a fansite set up to celebrate the release of a 2CD pack of classic Ethiopian groove.

Just thought you might be interested for future 'World Music Top 10s'.

Best wishes