28 September 2007

Brazilian Playground (CD Review)

Various Artists: Putumayo Kids Presents Brazilian Playground
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The latest installment in Putumayo's Playground series explores the music of Brazil. It starts with the soft voice of Gui Tavares singing "Pancada," about his falling-apart but still well-loved car. World music lovers will recognize the tune of "Tum Tum Tum," popularized by Jackson do Pandeiro and interpreted here by Roberta Sa. Other songs concern such kid-friendly topics as coconuts, budding romance, dancing, happiness, trains, even a samba done by animals. There's even a song by the Brazilian Minister of Culture, Gilberto Gil.

Focused as it is on samba, bossa nova, and forro the compilation is friendly, smooth, and accessible, though it lacks any exploration of the percussive side of Brazilian music that also entrances kids.

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