12 September 2007

World Music Top 10 - September 2007

SoundRoots / Spin The GlobeGipsy.cz - Romano Hip Hop
Top 10 World Music Albums - September 2007

1. Gipsy.cz: Romano Hip Hop
2. Kobo Town:
3. Zap Mama:
4. Balval:
Blizzard Boheme
5. Fanfare Ciocarlia:
Queens and Kings
6. Sonia & Disappear Fear:
7. Konono No. 1:
Live at Couleur Cafe
8. Don't Be a Stranger:
9. Bongo Love:
10. Oliver Mtukudzi:
Tsimba Itsoka

global newsbits
Got a couple of blogs you might want to check out, if you haven't discovered them on your own already. Analog Africa started in August, and promises to bring news, images, and sound of vintage African music. Do you know about the psychedelic organ of Charles Rodriguez? Then hie thee forth to visit Analog Africa!

Another August startup is End(-)Of(-)World Music. Author I've started this blog to discuss and share an array of often-neglected facets of non-western music that fall between the cracks... Styles that don't fit neatly into mainstream constructions of "world music", and that are occasionally dismissed as mere by-products of the West's culture imperialism." The blog includes thoughtful and provocative writing as well as great music and video. Visit End(-)Of(-)World Music

WOMEX has announced their Top 15 World Music CDs of the year:
1) Andy Palacio and the Garifuna Collective: Wátina (Cumbancha/Stonetree)
2) Tinariwen: Aman Iman (Independiente)
3) Kepa Junkera: Hiri (Elkar)
4) Bassekou Kouyaté & Ngoni ba: Segu Blue (Outhere)
5) Angelique Kidjo: Djin Djin (EMI)
6) Fanfara Ciocarlia: Queens and Kings (Asphalt Tango Records)
7) Kristi Stassinolpoulou: Taxidoscopio (Heaven & Earth)
8) Ibrahim Ferrer: Mi Sueño (World Circuit)
9) Various: Electric Gypsyland 2 (Crammed)
10) Akli D.: Ma Yela (Because)
11) Hazmat Modine: Bahamut (Jaro/Barbés)
12) Various Artists: Authenticité - The Syliphone Years (Sterns)
13) Ali Farka Touré: Savane (World Circuit)
14) Malouma: Nour (Marabi)
15) The Idan Raichel Project (Cumbancha)

I know most of these, but someone needs to send me Bassekou Kouyaté & Ngoni ba, the new Stassinolpoulou, and Alki D (hello labels, are you listening?).

Burke Kenny - World Beard and Moustache ChampionshipsFinally, hirsute global culture. The World Beard and Moustache Championships were recently held across the waters in Brighton, England. At this year's contest, someone from our own neighborhood was among those honored for facial decoration beyond the ordinary. Twenty-two year old Burke Kenny spent four years perfecting his follicles with daily scrubbing (with Grandpa's Pine Tar soap), brushing, and trimming. In the end, it was good enough to win him first place in the full-beard, styled-mustache category. The next championship is in Anchorage, Alaska in 2009. So stop shaving now. (full story)

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