31 October 2007

Halloween Snacks...

I was thinking about the most appropriate Halloween music today. Some version of La Llorona, perhaps? Maybe an African song about ancestors, or perhaps something creepy from Transylvania?

Then I heard The World, and it all fell into place. On today's Global Hit, Lars Nedland talked about "folk-metal":

You get a lot of bands around the globe using the heavy metal framework and the basic folk music of their own area. That's how you get Vedic Metal in Singapore and India, you get Celtic Metal in Ireland. You get bands all over the globe searching their own cultural history, their own musical history.

Of course, this is hardly breaking news. Boiled in Lead has been doing the Celtic-rock thing for years, and a few years back I discovered the burgeoning German goth-bagpipe-rock scene through the music of Corvus Corax and Potentia Animi.
Potential Animi - Das Erste Gebet
So for Spookday this year, here's a tune that will go well with glowing pumpkins, ghosts hanging from trees, and the like. "Nachtfrass," if my rudimental German serves me, is something like "night meal." The cover of the album shows the three bandmembers in a graveyard apparently dining on a young woman. So...definitely creepy. Happy Halloween!

[mp3] Potentia Animi: Nachtfrass
from the album Das Erste Gebet (The First Prayer)

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