20 October 2007

Wordless: Spin The Globe playlist 19 October 2007

It's no secret to alert SoundRoots readers that your tourguide on this romp through the music and culture of the world also hosts a radio show called Spin The Globe on radio station KAOS-fm. I've been keeping the two projects somewhat at arm's length in the past, though for no particular reason.

So in the interest of bringing you even more information, music, and resources relating to global tunes, here's the first direct link-up between the two.

Spin The Globe playlist for 19 October 2007Bulldog - earball visions photo

hour 1: wordless world music

Dhol Foundation - Colours of Punjab - Big Drum Small World
Te Vaka - Mata O Tane - Olatia
Regis Gizavo, Louis Mhlanga, David Mirandon - International Rumba - Stories
Forro in the Dark - Cajuina - Bonfires of Sao Joao
Mercan Dede - Huo - Breath
The Afro-Semitic Experience - Forgive Us (S’lakh Lawnu) - Plea for Peace
Va Fan Fahre - Surfing with the Jews II - Romski Robbery
Boom Pam - Wedding Song - Boom Pam
Duo En - Kojo no Tsuki (Moon over Castle Ruins) - Moonviewing
Blue Planet feat. Dhafer Youssef - Rose of Tunis - Peace for Kabul
Nathalie Cora - Mamiwata - Petite Terre
Turlu Tursu - Planxty Sir Ulick Burke - Accordion ‘n Drum ‘n Bass
Djelimady Tounkara - Samakoun - Sigui
Rageela - Over the Mountain - Jai Ma

hour 2: new releases & concert previews
Sursumcorda - La Notte Delgi Oscar - L’albero dei bradipi
Loreena McKennitt - The Gates of Istanbul - An Ancient Muse
Lucky Dube - The Bully - The Other Side
Oliver Mtukudzi - Mapana Kuti Mbijana - Tsoka Itsimba
Shantel - Susuleker - Disco Partizani
Ceu - Mais Um Lamento - Ceu
Tinariwen - Cler Achel - Aman Iman: Water is Life
Tom Teasley - The Awakening - Painting Time
DJ Bitman - Blackbossa - Latin Bitman
Vagabond Opera - Ich Hob Dikh Tsu Ful Lib - Vagabond Opera
Kal - Mozzarella - Nuit Tsigane / Gypsy Night
Shukar Collective - Napolament - Rromatek

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