07 October 2007

World Music Top 10 - October 2007

SoundRoots / Spin The Globe
Top 10 World Music Albums - October 2007

various artists: Rough Guide to Latin Funk

fantastic compilation featuring the likes of Ozomatli, Antibalas, & Los Mocosos.

2. Habib Koite & Bamada:
newest offering from the popular Malian singer-guitarist.

3. Gipsy.cz: Romano Hip Hop
great blend of Roma roots with modern hip hop sounds by Gipsy and his talented crew -- very highly recommended.

4. Mickey Hart & Zakir Hussain: Global Drum Project
As you might expect, a rhythmic adventure through and through from two great global percussionists (and friends) including a tribute to Babatunde Olatunji.

5. Kobo Town: Independence
Nonstop energy and good vibes from this world-reggae outfit based in Toronto but with roots in the islands. Highly recommended.

6. Extra Golden: Hera Ma Nono
"Barak Obama's favorite Kenyan-American band" -- or so I'm told. The candidate helped secure visas for the Kenyan members of the group, who pair with two DC-based rock musicians for a unique African-rock-Motown sound.

7. Mau Mau: Dea
Boisterous high-energy tunes from this Italian group, which may remind of Manu Chao, or perhaps Cabruera, or...?

8. various artists: Putumayo Presents Israel
"a collection highlighting a new generation of Israeli musicians who transcend the political strife depicted on the evening news. From Yemenite chants to Jamaican reggae, this collection represents some of the diverse sounds impacting the popular music of modern Israel."

9. Justin Adams & Juldeh Camara: Soul Science
Love the rootsy African blues guitar sound of Tinarawin? Then get thee hence and procure this new offering.

10. Shukar Collective: Rromatek
Rromatek tosses out the roots-city balance of their first album and leaps into a more techno sound, letting the beats and programming dominate much of the album, with mixed results.

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