02 November 2007

Czech vs. Iran - STG playlist 2 NOV 07

Spin the Globe Playlist for 2 November 2007
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Zombie Fish by Earball Visions
Today's show ping-ponged between music from the Czech Republic and Iran in the first hour, and wandered more globally in the second hour, including previews of upcoming performances by Albino, Vagabond Opera, Sonia & Dissapear Fear, and Correo Aereo. For details of those tours, see the Spin The Globe/SoundRoots Calendar. Oh, and happy Halloween and Dia De Los Muertos, with best wishes from Zombie Fish (pictured).

hour 1
Monika Jalili - Boyer Ahmadi - NoorSaaz
Triny - Adadzives – Dnes (Today) - Aven (Come On)
Arian Band - Afsoongar (Glamorous) - Rough Guide to Iran
Ahmed ma hlad - Dobro - Magadan
Rahmatollah Badiyi - Introduction II - Sounds of the Violin & Kamancheh
Vera Bila & Kale - Helena - Kale Kalore
Ekova - Sister - Heaven’s Dust
Tomas Kocko & Orchestr - Do tanca! - Do Tanca!
Chemirani Trio - Gerefte (Pris) - Qalam Kar
Pavel Fajt & Vaclav Korinek - Frajer Bodo - Ladakh 567
Sussan Deyhim - The Candle and the Moth - Madmen of God
Kiss Erzsi Music - Deladela - Deladela
Niyaz - Allahi Allah - Niyaz
Gipsy.cz - Palikeras Tumenge - Romano Hip Hop

hour 2
Vagabond Opera - Otchi Chornyia - Vagabond Opera
Correo Aereo - La Llorona - Lo Que Me Dijo el Viento
Yerba Buena - La Candela - Rough Guide to Latino Nuevo
Rekha - Chingari - Sufi Music from India
Getachew Abdi et al. - Tigringna Song - Kirar, Appolon’s Harp
Red Hot Chachkas - Chosidl Diddle - Spice It Up!
Antonio Adolfo - SOS Amazonas - Destiny
Zuboly - Pannondrama - Ertem a Kajunsagot
Naqqara & Salsabil - Raks-I Almah - Oriental Percussion, Rhythms & Music
Albino - Puppet Boy - Rhino
Los Diablos Rojos - Sacalo Sacalo - Roots of Chicha
Mau Mau - Dea - Dea
Sonia & Dissapear Fear - Milliones de Cuerdas - Tango

Tune in next week for an exploration of Afrobeat and Indonesian music: Friday 10-noon Pacific time. More info at Spin The Globe.

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