29 November 2007

Island Surf Holiday

SoundRoots loves its readers! All of you! But today we're thinking particularly of those of you on the islands of the world. Yes, in addition to all of us mainlanders, the tubes of the Internet cross the vast oceans to reach places like Japan, New Zealand, Indonesia, Hawaii, the Caribbean, Iceland, Mauritius, even a few places we're not sure we've heard of.

www.SoundRoots.org visitor map - islands!
And while there's probably minimal surfing going on in Iceland this season (or has global warming progressed that far?!?!), islands make us think of surfing. Combine that with the holiday season, and what elseBlame It On Christmas CD could you get but a traditional carol done up in surf-guitar fashion? My friends, I give you...

[mp3] Monty, Dale, & the 2 x 2's: The Lil' Endless Summer Boy
from the album Blame It On Christmas
(1995, Schoolkids Records)

This album apparently is out of print, but it's worth finding. Also includes gems like "That Swingin' Manger" and "Shlepp the Halls with Loaves of Hallah" (which we shared earlier).

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