26 November 2007

Mondays mp3: Sacred Ellington

Duke Ellington - Three SuitesI'm off in a minute to the benefit concert for the World Sacred Music Festival, so this is a very brief posting. In case you can't get to the show, here's a little taste. The Jazz Senators will be playing Duke Ellington's version of Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker Suite (it's first live performance in Olympia!), as well as klezmer and holiday tunes.

I'm not a huge fan of the original Nutcracker, perhaps because of oversaturation. But I like Ellington's version almost as much as I like Shirim's Klezmer Nutcracker (about which, more on a future date).

[mp3] Duke Ellington: Toot Toot Tootie Toot (Dance of The Reed-Pipes)
from Three Suites

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