07 November 2007

The Mystery of Hungarian Beatboxing

So I recently ran across an album that blew me away. It's called Ertem a Kujonsagot. I don't know how to say that. I don't know what it means. And I know almost nothing about the group behind the music.

The band is Zuboly, and they hail from Hungary. (My Hungarian-ancestored friend Juli says their name is pronounced Zu-bowl, or something like that.)

Zuboly does something that appears to be a blend of traditional and experimental along with...wait for it... beatboxing! I can't explain why it works, but it does. Remember when you whistled using a piece of grass? Well, one of the Zuboly members seems to have become accomplished at that, playing actual melodies. Also harmonica, drums, bass, sax, bagpipes. And a fellow named Busa Istvan is apparently responsible for the beatboxing.

Here are a couple brief song samples from the album: Boldog Karácsonyt M.J., D.J a Gekkoman

And yes, I have a complete song for you as well. Is it a cover, or just sampling? Whatever, this is surely one of the more unusual versions of Chris Issak's "Wicked Game" you'll run across...

[mp3] Zuboly: Másfél millió tépés Magyrországon

This actually isn't the version that's on the album. But if you leave comments and ask nice, maybe I'll post another of their tunes later.

Zuboly on youtube

Your job: If you live in Hungary or know someone who knows someone who does, get me more info on Zuboly. Hook them up with SoundRoots and Spin The Globe. Tell me about them and their music. Translate the song names. Send CDs. Tell them to tour the left coast of the USA. Do something! I really want to know more about these guys...

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