23 November 2007

Sacred World Music: Spin The Globe playlist 23 NOV 2007

The Evergreen campus was silent the morning of Black Friday -- not a soul in sight amid the frost-encrusted lawns and trees clinging to their last few leaves. But the chimerical allure of consumerist nirvana doesn't stop the radio. Indeed, I'd much rather be broadcasting good music than fighting crowds at the mall.
So the show went on with a mix of sacred world music in the first hour and wider variety in the second hour. I've raved before about the Kobo Town CD Independence; again on this day their lyrics ring true but sometimes forgotten facts about each of us:

Urban Autumn - photo (c) 2007 Scott Allan Stevens, earball visionsthey whisper in your ears, play your fears,
summon smiles, conjure tears,
but you're still the image of the Most High
no matter how you look in their eyes
so don't let them seduce you
don't let them reduce you
don't let them define you
never let them refine you
you are more than you consume
much more than you presume
more than others might assume
beautiful soul
--Kobo Town, "Beautiful Soul"

(If you missed the show you can listen or download the show archive below.)

Artist - Song - Album
hour 1
Mercan Dede - Gunes Dogudan Dogar - 800
Savina Yannatou - Ah Mon Die - Virgin Maries of the World
Kosher Red Hots - Avram Avinu / Our Father Abraham - One With Everything On It
Tendai Muparutsa - Nyama Yekugocha - Zimbabwe Acoustics
Svetilen Enesmble - By the Waters of Babylon - My Soul, Rise Up!
Jai Uttal - Radhe Govinda - Dial M for Mantra
Unidentified artists - Arranque de Condor - Celebrating Divinity in the High Andes
Hans Raj Hans - Nit Khair Manga - Sufi Music from India
Dave Stringer with Dasi Karnamrita - Aja Uttama - Divas & Devas
Alash - Dynggyldia - Alash
Gonchime - Borobudur - Gongchime
Duke Ellington - Danse of the Floreadores - Thaikovsky: Nutcracker Suites

hour 2
Cheick Hamala Diabate & Bob Carlin - Baba Cissoko - From Mali to America
Youssou N’Dour - 4-4-44 - Rokku Mi Rokka
Sidh - La Ilah illa Allah - Lila
Naqqara & Salsabil - Hareket - Oriental Percussion, Rhythms & Music
Taoist Music Orchestra of the Shanghai City God Temple - Xianhua Ji / Flower Offering Hymn - Chinese Taoist Music
Kobo Town - Beautiful Soul - Independence
Sola Akingbola - Olukumi / My Friend - Routes to Roots
The Afromotive - Scare Tactics - Scare Tactics
Tango No. 9 - Here Live No Fish - Here Live No Fish
Zuco 103 - Duele Le Le - Whaa!
Tacheles Klezmer Company - Trink Bruder - Balkan Reggae
Bombay Rockers - Ari Ari Part II - Outsourced Soundtrack
SONiA & Disappear Fear - Porque Estamos Aqui - Tango

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