22 December 2007

Funk Me Gently


Das Vibenbass: fodakis
(Hop Productions)

While SoundRoots focuses on global sounds (aka "world music"), I'm not deaf to other genres. And once in a while one of the oddities that shows up in my mailbox really catches my ear. Such is the case with das Vibenbass. Yeah, they sound like they should be a German electronica outfit, but in fact they're four Seattle-based lads who make a respectable ruckus with tools including sax, drums, bass, and vibraphone, mixing the idioms of jazz with funk and more modern sounds.

Some of the album gets a bit too jazzy for me, but the swing of this piece grabbed me right away.

[mp3] Das Vibenbass: Ghost Runner on Third
from fodakis

Band website: www.dasvibenbass.com
(They're playing here in Olympia on Jan. 18, at The Royal.)

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