17 December 2007

Monday's mp3: Just a Man?

Even with the USA recovering somewhat from its irrational xenophobia following 9/11, the verbal scuffle over the extent of Barak Obama's Muslim connections proves that there's still a long road to mutual respect and understanding between the dominant culture and minority faiths.

Kaaba with a large crowd
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As always, SoundRoots wants to be on the forefront of such understanding and tolerance. So even as many have on their minds the birth of a different prophet (or, depending on your viewpoint, the son of God... or perhaps you're just thinking about a whole lot of shopping), on this first day of the Hajj we'll take a moment to encourage a little label called Global One Records.

Global One "brings together different musical styles under the nasheed genre," they say, "a combination of Middle Eastern vibes and new-age music. ... We are bridging the gap between modern music and cultural spiritual music."
Ali Elsayed - Light Upon Light
This track comes from Lebanese-born Ali Elsayed, whose family fled the civil war in 1990 and ended up in Michigan. He now performs Sufi music on his own and as singer with the Naqshbandi Haqqani Ensemble.

[mp3] Ali Elsayed: They Say He's Just a Man
from the album Light Upon Light

Global One Records: myspace, website
Ali Elsayed: myspace

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