03 December 2007

Monday's mp3: Six-String Christmas

Luis Villegas: Guitarras de Navidad (Tenure)
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Luis Villegas - Guitarras de NavidadEvery year, the holiday albums flow in. And it's a rare one that catches my ear, rising above the ranks of rehashed carols. Luis Villegas accomplishes this with an album of traditional carols mixed with a couple less familiar tunes. "Peces en el Rio" has a flamenco-rock vibe without becoming too slick. "Jingle Bells" gets downright danceable with its Afro-Cuban rhythms and a tight horn section. The traditional Mexican tune "La Rama" sounds like a village celebration ('cause that's where it's from!). Fine, creative arrangments with variety in the instumentation and vocals make Guitarras the freshest holiday offering I've heard this year. Enjoy this track, buy the album.

[mp3] Luis Villegas: Jingle Bells
from Guitarras de Navidad


Anonymous said...

Great tune! Thanks for hepping me to this.

Anonymous said...

Wow. This sounds great! I love the horn section!