20 December 2007

World Music Winners at IMA

The Independent Music Award winners have been announced, and in the categories most of interest to SoundRoots, here are the results.Jose Conde - Revolucion

Best Latin Album - Jose Conde y Ola Fresca: Revolucion
[mp3] Descarga Inez

Best World Fusion Album - Jaime Cuadra: Peruvian Waltz Chillout
[mp3] Mal Paso

Best World Traditional Album - Alasdair White: An Clàr Geal (The White Album)
[mp3] The Kirkpatricks Of Iona

Best Latin Song - Zoraida Santiago: [mp3] Canciones Por Todas Partes

Best World Fusion Song - Luca Mundaca: [mp3] Ha Dias

Best World Traditional Song
- Lionel Loueke: [mp3] Kponnon Kpete

To be honest, Lionel Loueke is the only one of these previously known to me. I'm pleased for his win, but disappointed that the World Fusion Song award didn't go to one of my favorites, the Indian-jazz fusion outfit known as Autorickshaw. Oh, well. Enjoy the tunes, and you can still vote for the Vox Populi Award (registration requrired).


Chapín said...

You should check out Jose Conde, he has some nice latin vibes. But to call it the 'best' album of this year...

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I've got to say I totally disagree with you thinking that Autorickshaw should have won instead of Luca Mundaca. The four others all sounded the same, Luca Mundaca really stood out with a unique sound. My guess is you are really into electronica, which is Autorickshaw's genre. For electronica they are good, however, for uniqueness and catchiness Luca Mundaca is the hands-down winner of the world fusion catagory. Her voice is like no other!

SpinTheGlobe said...

Chapin: My bad...when I wrote that I was overlooking Jose Conde. I am familiar with Revolucion, and definitely enjoyed it (and spun it on my radio show). Still, I agree with you that it was hardly the "album of the year."

Anon: And I disagree with your disagreement. Not so much about Luca Mundaca, whose music I'm not familiar with. I'll be sure to listen to more of her. But Autorickshaw as "electronica"? There's hardly an electronic influence to be found in their music; it's voice, bass, tabla (& other percussion), guitar. Perhaps we have different ideas of what electronica is (like programmed beats, methinks), but Autorickshaw is definitely and firmly planted in "world fusion."