14 January 2008

Monday's mp3: Di Bombs

It's a perfect match. The Afrobeat poetry of Ikwunga paired with the driving sounds of Toronto-based Afrobeat group Mr. Something Something. Conscious lyrics with great grooves, a perfect modern mix for dancefloor or iPod.Mr Something Something & Ikwunga the Afrobeat Poet - Deep Sleep

Only problem is there's not enough goodness. The CD has just five songs plus shorter radio remixes of three of those songs, which is good for us radio hosts, since the original lengths range from 6 to 11 minutes long. One of the songs may be familiar to you if you've picked up Ikwunga's first album, or the Afrobeat Sudan Aid Project or Indestructible African Beats 2005 compilations. But the new version is well worth another listen, and this album well worth picking up despite its brevity. Have a listen:

[mp3] Mr. Something Something & Ikwunga: Di Bombs (radio edit)
from the album Deep Sleep

more info:
Di Bombs video

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing the song.

Javejavor said...

excellent song. Amazing! Thank you very much!