22 January 2008

Tributes to Andy Palacio

The mainstream media is weighing in today on the passing of Andy Palacio. The New York Times has a bit more detail and depth than the Los Angeles Times. Andy was so far off the MSM radar, however, that both of them have to pull quotes from NPR to flesh out their stories. And neither gets to the heart of Palacio's soft-spoken but compelling persona, which so engaged live audiences around the world.

You'll find a number of Palacio videos on YouTube, some from live performances, several including Garifuna musical elder Paul Nabor, the personification of some yet-undiscovered Belizean version of the Buena Vista Social Club . And then there's this "look behind the music," which is well worth watching.

And yes, you're drawing the right conclusion after seeing three Palacio postings in a row: Andy and his music had a powerful impact on me, and I miss him.

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Anonymous said...

What an amazing person Andy Palacio was. Truly a cultural ambassador, as you said. You can also find a brief history of Garifuna and a recent video of Andy talking about it on the Intelligent Travel blog.