29 February 2008

Cambodia Meets Cameroon

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29 February 2008Angelique Kidjo - Olympia WA - Photo by Scott Allan Stevens

Fun and unexpected ping-ponging between two unlikely musical allies on today's show; plus new releases and more in the second hour. And did I mention what an amazing show Angelique Kidjo put on last week? A couple days later I caught a good show by the Refugee Allstars, but they were a mere candle to Kidjo's incandescent spotlight of energy. And then when she got people up on stage dancing with her...!
Artist - Song - Album
hour 1
Etienne Mbappe - Ambass - Misiya
Royal Palace Ensemble - Apsaras’ Dance - A Window on the World
Gino Sitson - Ngoyak’ - Son Zin’… Vocadelic Tales
Dengue Fever - Integration - Venus on Earth
Sally Nyolo - Djini Djome - Multiculti
Daran Kravan - Fruit in the Forest - Music in the Dark
Simon Nwambeben - Dhom - Bitibak 1
Unidentified - Street Guns and Studio Drums - Radio Phnom Penh
Baka de Gbine - Mbunja’s Rap - Gati Bongo
The Royal Pinpeat Orchestra - Sathouka - The Music of Cambodia-Royal Court Music
Manu Dibango - Soul Makossa - Lion of Africa

hour 2
Brownout - Laredo 77 - Homenaje
Moussu T e lei jovents - Oplati Oplata (version dau port) - Invente a La Ciotat
Mike Fitzmaurice - The Salt Desert - The Continuing Adventures of Hajji Baba
Razia Aziz - Mera laung gawacha - Songs of Love and Devotion: Between Heaven and Earth
Puerto Plata - Dolorita - Mujer de Cabaret
Jessie Cook feat. Djivan Gasparyan - Red - The Soul of Armenia
Think of One - Sharia Orabi - Camping Shaabi
Gong Linna - Poplar and Willow Green - Chinese Folksongs
Moddathir Aboulwafa - Fi Samaa Al-Musika - Toola
Ladysmith Black Mambazo - Iphel’ Emasini - Ilembe: Honoring Shaka Zulu
Gamelan X - MESFNAR - Satu


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