04 February 2008

Monday's mp3: Argentine Agitators

Tumbatu CumbaRegular SoundRoots readers will know that we relish a good mystery. Often CDs arrive with little or nothing by way of band information or notes. Such is the case with today's track...sort of. The good folks at Suramusic in Argentina sent this along -- a wonderfully well-constructed album of catchy Spanish-language tunes.

It's got complete packaging, including song notes (in Spanish). The mystery is why Tumbatú Cumbá, a Buenos Aires-based group that's been around since 1999, has received so little global recognition. There's practically nothing to be found in English on the band, although they've released three albums and participated in compilations including A Bush No Le Va A Gustar (which, being translated, is something like "Bush Ain't Gonna Like This!"). The band donated their song "La Pira" to that album, which was released to protest George Bush's visit to Argentina (and it's an album I'd very much like to hear, if anyone can send it!).
Tumbatu Cumba - TumbatuCumba
Their latest album -- the only one of the three I've heard -- is an energetic romp across a South American continent unfettered by musical borders. Hope they'll do some more border crossing into English-speaking areas. Maybe once the presidential object of their ire has departed office next year (I know how hard it's been for musicians to get US visas in recent years). Anyway, here's the music:

[mp3] Tumbatú Cumbá: La Pira
[mp3] Tumbatú Cumbá: Bajo del Arbol un Tambor

from the album Tumbatú Cumbá

Band website: www.tumbatucumba.com.ar

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Chapín said...

Great discovery! Thanks. That second song is of an intense beauty.