25 February 2008

Mondays mp3: Globalized Shaabi

Antwerp-based Think of One are consummate musical explorers. On their last outing, Trafico, they coaxed the sounds of Brazil through their globalizing filters. This time around it's the strains of Moroccan Shaabi that feed their sound.Think of One - Camping Shaabi CD

This Berber wedding music may be less well known than Algerian Rai, but it's just as full of compelling rhythms and melodies. And Think of One's version of Shaabi is a right sturdy kick in the backside. Bits of dub, electronica, rock, and hip hop compel unconscious head-nodding or outright booty shaking in even the most collected listeners.

This song, sung by Amina and Lalabrouk, tells of "certain dangers with which lonely female moviegoers can be confronted." Throughout the album, you'll hear lyrics varying from French, Arabic, and the Flemish dialect spoken in Antwerp. None of which languages, it should be noted, I speak. So I'm taking their word for the content.

[mp3] Think of One: Mon Verre
from the album Camping Shaabi
band website: www.thinkofone.be

The CD also comes with a bonus video "The Making of Camping Shaabi," which you can also watch, naturally, on YouTube.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad (and a bit proud too, since I'm Belgian) to read about Think of One here. They are currently touring with their Camping Shaâbi project in Belgium and the UK.

Last year, we (tropicalidad.be, a Belgian blog about world music) witnessed one of their first Camping Shaâbi concerts and you're welcome to read our concert-review (in dutch), including pictures and a short video.

Think of One never stops exploring and King Sasha is yet another project in which they mix their own music with soukous sounds, together with a couple of Congolese musicians. They played an exclusive concert last year, and of course, tropicalidade.be didn't miss this one-time opportunity. Enjoy our concert pictures, video & review (again, in dutch) of Think of One featuring King Sasha.

SpinTheGlobe said...

Thanks for dropping by, Pieter -- and thanks for the links to additional Think Of One info/photos/video. I certainly hope to have a chance to see the group perform, but until then your site gives a nice preview.

And I'll have to check out King Sasha -- haven't run across that project before. Thanks for the tip.

Chapín said...

I'm from Antwerp, maybe I can help out with the lyrics ;)

No, just here to express my joy of seeing Think of One here, glad you appreciate their music! You really should see them live, they're the bomb.

"Mon Verre" is indeed about how women's drinks can be drugged while going to the movies - a danger I was previously unaware of here in Belgium :)