12 February 2008

Pre-Spring Cleaning

My mess is your gain. At least when I get around to sorting through it. Readers, musicians, and promoters send me things. These things sometimes get onto SoundRoots quickly, sometimes fall behind the desk and collect dust. Well, today is cleaning day, and I think you might find some gems in this big box of stuff. If you do, leave an encouraging comment -- those inspire me to deal with things before they get so very dusty. And tangled up like the wires in this photo. photo by earball visions -- www.earball.net

Item: One of Peru's most compelling stars, Eva Ayllón (aka the "Queen of Lando"), blends African and Spanish cultures - dramatic flamenco phrases, complex, pulsating rhythms, and sweet folkloric melodies - into her signature musica criolla style. She's performing at the Walt Disney Concert Hall on Friday March 7, and you can enter to win tix here. They've also got Asha Bhosle performing on Sunday, April 27 at 7:30 PM, and the Kronos Quartet with throat-singer Tanya Tagaq on Saturday, May 3 at 8:00 PM. Kinda wish it was closer.

Item: Our friend Don over at Timedoor has re-posted the song "Mi Cahfi," along with an explanation about why he does (and you might) care about this early 1970s tune from a group called simply The Jamaican Folk Singers.

Item: Tom Teasley has posted the song "Ise Oluwa Kole Baje O" as a free download during this month at his website -- It's a Nigerian song from the great WordBeat CD The Soul Dances, and it translates as something like "Your love will never be destroyed." Great message, great tune.

Item: Got questions about Buddhism? Ask a Monk.

Item: The Raging Bull of Nine Mile? Martin Scorsese has announced plans to do a film on the life of reggae icon Bob Marley. We've got a while to wait; the film's release date is Feb. 6, 2010 (the day Marley would have turned 65).

Item: [mp3] Eastern Blok: Balkan Healer
from the album Folk Tales

Item: More Rasta culture can be found in the January Smithsonian Magazine article Rasta Revealed (and the lively comments thereafter).

Item: Newest Dance Craze? I hadn't heard of Tecktonik before the ever-vigilant Christian Science Monitor clued me in, and I still haven't seen it danced in the streets of my town, but apparently it's big with the French. Want to learn some moves? Check out this video.

Item: [mp3] Tryo & DobaCaracol: Live at Bachibouzouk
(listen past the spoken intro...it's worth it!)

Item: Radio Salaam Shalom is an online radio station broadcasting a unique mix of intercultural music and speech from Bristol, UK. It focuses on the many aspects of Jewish and Muslim life which allow the two cultures, linked for thousands of years, to talk together and share their experiences. (I'm listening to their stream as I write.)

Item: Would love to see the results of the online US Citizenship Test broken down by country -- could US citizens do better on this than the foreigners they (er... we...) often try to fence out? Check it out yourself. I haven't done it yet. I may brush up on my Constitution facts first.

Item: [mp3] Tsehaytu Beraki: Lale Bola
from the album Selam

Item: African music blog Likembe has been posting some nice tunes of late -- check out the Dakar Divas posts for some Senegalese names you've never heard before.

Item: The UK label Real World has been somewhat quiet of late here in the USA, but that may be coming to a glorious end, given their just-announced partnership with Ryko. Along with the partnership announcement was a promise that Ryko "will re-issue many of the label’s back catalog titles with new packaging and, in some cases, with exclusive bonus material." Can't wait -- particularly for their release of the Touareg group Toumast's Ishumar, which hasn't previously been available here in the US.

Item: LinkTV has a number of entertaining and thoughtful short films on their site One Nation Many Voices: Muslims in America, Stories Not Stereotypes. Ever seen a girl in a Burkini?

Item: [mp3] Narsollah Nassehpoor: Ze Man Negaram

Item: Time for me to get some dinner. Hope you enjoy the above. Now that my desk is clean, back to regular programming soon. Happy year of the Rat!

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Chapín said...

That's a goldmine. Thanks!

More tecktonik: French electro-pop hype Yelle has a big European hit with "A Cause Des Garçons".