26 February 2008

Winning the Ears of the USA

Note to Hillary: if you want to be featured on SoundRoots, get some new musical advisers.

You know that SoundRoots is not longwinded on things political. But it has not escaped our notice that Obama has the lead not only in delegates, but also in music.Obama & Clinton

Hillary did make a weak appeal to Spanish-speaking voters with this accordion-driven song:

[mp3] unknown artist: Hillary, Hillary Clinton

Obama -- or his musical supporters -- are clearly going for a different demographic. A demographic that likes to dance rather more vigorously along to their politics. First there was the Obama Reggaton (see earlier post). Now, the group Fosforo gives us this:

[mp3] Fosforo: Cumbia de Obama
Read the lyrics on Fosforo website: www.fosforo.net

Be honest now: which do you like better?

If you know of more campaign-related global sounds out there, let us know.
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