10 March 2008

Monday's mp3: Rosapaeda's Mediterranean Masala

Rosapaeda: Mater

Rosapaeda: MaterTalk about uncategorizable music! Rosapaeda used to front a reggae band called Different Stylee. Now on her third CD under her own name (on Dunya Records), she delves into a variety of Mediterranean styles, and some distinctly non-Mediterranean ones, including some reggae holdover and two fairly convincing dance remixes.

Her arrangements make prominent use of Indian and Middle Eastern instruments (tabla, darbuka, bendir, tar) that give the music a global feel, even as the songs are rooted in Italian folk, including some traditional tunes and a couple of children's rhymes.

Think of a slightly more pop version of Savina Yannatou, or perhaps Fiamma Fumana with some of the electronics stripped away. And along with the engaging musical arrangements, one very powerful voice. I haven't heard either of her previous albums, though I feel I've known this music before. And I know I like it now.

The meaning of this song is quite perplexing, if you go only by the English lyric summation in the liner notes, which read:
Rosapaeda: Mater
When you will see the sea, my heart,
Dry up with no more water
And plough to make blooming farming,

And the dead rise,

And the prisoner all free,

When you will see all these things

Then I will leave you with a big pain.

Listen to the song. Absorb it. Maybe the meaning will become clearer. And would an Italian speaker out there like to help clarify the meaning?

[mp3] Rosapaeda: Ma Mali Pena
from the album Mater

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