27 March 2008

Whence "Underground"?

Okay, just one more brass band post... Last week on Spin The Globe, I interviewed members of Seattle's Orkestar Zirkonium ("not truly authentic, but shiny!"), and they raised a small mystery. They perform a song called "Underground" that they believe is a traditional Serbian tune, and apparently is connected to the Emir Kusturica film of the same name. Maybe.

The film is a tale of war, deception, music, and more. You've probably seen it. If not, it's worth finding. But one thing the movie does not contain is this song. So where does this tune come from? Does anyone know the story of this song? OZ wants to know. So do I.

[mp3] Orkestar Zirkonium: Underground
from Orkestar Zirkonium's Live EP

OZ is currently working on a full CD, which they say will be released later this year. Catch up with all their goings-on at www.orkestarzirkonium.com

Oh, and you can catch a clip from the movie here.

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