25 April 2008

Global Percussion

Spin The Globe playlist
25 April 2008
(as heard on radio KAOS 89.3 fm)

Spin The Globe always features great percussion, but this week we focused primarily on drums and the musicians who hit them, worldwide. After all, tomorrow is the percussion-heavy Procession of the Species and all weekend is the World Rhythm Festival in Seattle! Congrats to the listeners who won tickets to see Jose Carrion (see calendar) and the newly re-issued CD Planet Drum by Mickey Hart.
Artist - Song - Album

hour 1
Princesinha Da Mare - Capoeira Experience - Rough Guide to Brazilian Street Party
Amazones - Sinte, Kassani Soro - Live in Montreal
Gamelan X - Gammafro - Satu
Villagers - Water Drums - The Big Bang
Suphala - Secret Language - The Now
Tactequete - Uapa - Tactequeque?
Mestre Acordeon - Cuidado Bezouro - Eh Capoeira
Tony Allen - Black Voices - Live
Zakir Hussain & the Rhythm Experience - Nines Over Easy - Zakir Hussain & the Rhythm Experience
Hungry March Band - Kradical - Portable Soundtracks for Temporary Utopias
Orlando Julius - Solo Hit (instrumental) - Super Afro Soul
Mickey Hart - Evening Samba - Planet Drum

hour 2
On Ensemble - Zeecha - Dust and Sand
Te Vaka - Hea la koa iei - Ki Mua
Tumbatu Cumba - Ritmo de Negros - Tumbatu Cumba
Bobi Cespedes - Yambu Rock - Rezos
Akoya Afrobeat - Oluya - President Dey Pass
Boban I Marko Markovic Orkestar - Latino Cocek - Go Marko Go!
Tom Teasley - Tali for One - Global Groovilization
Turbo Tabla - Multiple East - Belly and the Beat
Subaro - Trilogia Nordestina Part 2 - Subaro
Kusun Ensemble - Ogbame - Nokoko

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