21 April 2008

Monday's mp3: Ain't no party like a James Brown party...

Someday I'll have to put together a radio show highlighting the influence of James Brown on global music. Today's offering is a step in that direction.

Brown's influence is particularly clear in African music -- specifically Afrobeat, where Fela Kuti and others twisted funk to their own ends. Of course, others around the world were not and are not immune to Brown's catchy, danceable grooves.
The Rough Guide to Brazilian Street Party
The first track on the new compilation The Rough Guide to Brazilian Street Party captures a bit of that energy. Funk 'N Lata rips through this track, quoting Brown midway into this live Berlin party. Wish I'd been there. And I wonder why the group doesn't have more music available?

The rest of the album is no slouch, featuring everyone from AfroReggae (with Manu Chao!) to Think of One to a bunch of high-energy Brazilians I don't know. This is the energy I expected, but didn't get, from Putumayo's new [fill in region] Party series. Now we can get the party started!

[mp3] Funk 'N Lata: Baile Funk (Live in Berlin)
from The Rough Guide to Brazilian Street Party
(official release date 6 May 2008)

Funk 'N Lata on YouTube

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Yeah this track by Funk n'Lata is true funk dope.
But i already have it from a sampler of Vibrations Magazine
Where the hell can we buy album of Funk n'Lata?
if you have any idea, please share it with me!!