07 April 2008

Mondays mp3: Happy Birthday, Ravi!

Master sitar player Ravi Shankar is one of those guys who seems like he's always been there... and not just there, but everywhere (as we noted last year).

To some extent his daughters have taken over the family's portion of the global spotlight, but Ravi's music is still out there, still gaining new listeners. ARC has just released The Best of Ravi Shankar, a three-raag disc, and a few years earlier came The Rough Guide to Ravi Shankar, notable for a bit more variety as well as appearances by Zakir Hussain and Ali Akbar Khan.
Rough Guide to Ravi Shankar - SoundRoots.org
This is one of the shorter tracks on that latter CD, but it's no slouch, as the masters Shankar and Hussain play beautifully together.

[mp3] Ravi Shankar with Zakir Hussain: Reflection
from The Rough Guide to Ravi Shankar

Today is Ravi's birthday -- his 88th! Happy birthday, Ravi

There's an enlightening interview with Ravi Shankar here. And for sight as well as sound, check out this Ravi Shankar video

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Anonymous said...

Ravi Shankar was born in 1920 and hence he is 88!

SpinTheGlobe said...

Yikes - where's all that math I learned?

Since it's probably not likely that he skipped four years along the way, you're absolutely right, and I sit chagrined. Thanks for the catch, anonymous!