02 May 2008

Cinco de Mayo & World Laughter Day

Spin The Globe playlist
2 May 2008Laughing Buddha on SoundRoots.org
May 4 is World Laughter Day, and we marked the occasion with global songs to make you laugh, or dance, or sing along. All in the interests of mirth and the joy it brings. Plus some Latin sounds for Cinco de Mayo, and other global grooves.
Congratulations to Jenny of Olympia for winning the Salsa Celtica CD we had up for grabs on today's show.
Artist - Song - Album

hour 1
Pepe & the Bottle Blondes - Rumba de 5 Kilos - Latenight Betty
Pili Pili - The Headpeeper - Best of Pili Pili
Unnamed pygmies - Nzombi / Music for the return from a hunt - AKA Pygmy Music–Central African Republic
Olla Vogala - Achille - Marcel
DJ Dolores - Numeros - 1 Real
Bola Sete - Calypsilone - Bola Sete e 4 Trombones
Narasirato Pan Pipers - Wawasitani / Whistling Natural Sounds of Nature - Cry of the Ancestors
Round & Round - Nainoa - Legends of the Ukulele 2
Aton - We Are All - Oasis World Vol. Viii #2
The Shin - Born in the Saddle - Egari
Kora Jazz Trio - Nina - Kora Jazz Trio
Mau Mau - La Casa Brucia - Dea
Amparanoia - Ven - Latin Reggae
Oleg Skripk - Red Rose - Kraina Mrly Ethno Festival

hour 2
Gothart - Bezequesh Goca - Happy Trails & MG
Salsa Celtica - El Agua de la Vida - El Agua de la Vida
DJ LK - O Que é a Bossa Nova (feat. Denise Fontoura) - Misturada
Moussu T e lei jovents - Bolega Banjo - Invente a La Ciotat
Gamelan X - FlutterSwarm - Satu
Motimba - Oye La Buena - Monkey Vibrations
Fiamma Fumana - Check In - Euro Groove
Fosforo - Desconocido - Macondo
Les Freres Smith - La Marchedes Smith - Advance single
Goran Bregovic - Gas Gas - Balkan Beats Vol. 3
Golem! - Warsaw Is Khelm - Fresh Off Boat
Kassin + 2 - Samba Machine - Futurismo
Jamshied Sharifi - Di’vaneh - One


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