20 May 2008

Monday's mp3: Bigga Afrobeat

Yes, yes... I know it's Tuesday. Please pardon me for being a day late this week, but I think you'll find this track worth the wait.

Lion Head Recordings is the new label from veteran electronic dub producer Glyn “Bigga” Bush. Best known for his work with Rockers Hi Fi during the 1990s and since the turn of the century his solo albums for Sonar Kollektiv and Stereo Deluxe, Lion Head is to be the future carrier of all sounds released from Bigga’s studio, including limited edition funk, afro and dub vinyl releases.

The new mostly instrumental 12 takes us deep into West Africa,Afrobeat Single - Lightning Head early 70s style, the era of High Life, Nigerian Funk and of course Afrobeat, the era of Fela Kuti’s Africa 70, Ghana sounds and the fusion of traditional African rhythms with modern electric guitars, organ and big brass sections. "This time around the main influence is Afrobeat," Bigga says, "and I have guest vocal spots from Earl Zinger, Blanquito Man, Candice Cannabis and Lariman Ojelade." I think you'll like the groove on this track.

[mp3] Glyn “Bigga” Bush/Lightning Head: Afro Spot

The full album 13 Faces of Lightning Head comes out soon (though exactly when is a mystery -- different sources say June or September, an email from Bigga himself says simply "summer"); in the meantime, you can get the EP at Bigga's website, linked below.

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