26 May 2008

Monday's mp3: Memorial Day

Memorial Day - photo ©Scott Allan Stevens, www.earball.netToday is Memorial Day here in the USA -- a day (not, one would hope, the only day) on which we remember those who perished while in military service to the nation. It's a day fraught with mixed emotions during the ongoing Iraq war, which could become the longest and most expensive war in the country's history (4082 US military dead and more than $500 billion...and counting).

This isn't the day for making a political argument about the war, but rather for honoring the fallen. So perhaps this multifaith, multicultural song isYaron Pe'er - Orian CD cover appropriate. It's from the debut album by Yaron Pe'er, an Israeli multi- instrumentalist, which also features musicians from Sudan, Egypt, and India.

The text is from Psalm 17: 8, one translation of which reads: "Keep your eye on me; hide me under your cool wing feathers."

[mp3] Yaron Pe'er: Keep Me
from the album Orian

The album is also beautifully packaged, by the way, and comes with 10 postcards with inspirational messages and artwork drawn by Pe'er in Hindu and Persian styles. The entire project, Pe'er says, "is bestowed with the hope of reawakening the higher spirit within. To perform the mitzvah or good deed, 'love thy neighbor like thyself'; that a man shall not be built from the destruction of his fellow man."

Artist website: www.yaronpeer.com
Label website: www.magda.co.il

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