30 May 2008

Serbia Meets Sudan

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30 May 2008

We paired up a couple of politically troublesome but musically rich locations this week, alternating music from Serbia and Sudan in the first hour of the show, and moving to new releases, faves, and concert previews in the second half.
Congratulations to listener Faye from Olympia, USA for being the winner of the CD Brazen by Brass Menazeri

Artist - Song - AlbumEmmanuel Jal - Sudan - Warchild CD cover
hour 1
Rasha - Afta’h Albab / Open the Door - Let Me Be
Sandy Lopicic Orkestar - Makedonsko Devojce - Balkea
Emmanuel Jal - Baakiwara - Warchild
Ivica Mit - Poursuite - Ivica Mit & Morava River Band
Abdel Gadir Salim - Mal Wa Ihtagab - Rough Guide to the Music of Sudan
Boban Markovic Orkestar - Mere Yaara Dildara - Boban I Marko
Wafir - Sukkar - Nilo Azul
Balval - Jekha Chaja - Blizard Boheme
Afrodelic Stegosaurchestra - Baby Goat - Afrodelic Stegosaurchestra
Emmanuel Jal & Abdel Gadir Salim - Baai - Ceasefire
Kal - Duj, Duj - Kal
Hassouna Bangaladish - Aashiqto Shadin / I am in love with a charming lady - Hossam Ramzy Presents Azza: Music from Sudan

hour 2
Ikwunga - Di Bombs - Afrobeat Sudan Aid Project
LA Drivers Union Por Por Group - Otsokobila - Por Por / Honk Horn Music of Ghana
Brass Menazeri - Romski Cocek - Brazen
Kobo Town - Corbeaux Following - Independence
Ashanti Afrika Jan - Onyame - Nigeria 70-Lagos Jump
Tango Negro Trio - Gris - La Vuelta Del Malon
Lightning Head - NPG - Afrobeat singles
Pacifika - Paloma - Asuncion
Les Amazones de Guinee - Ndaren - Wamato
Klezzmates - Roller - Reflections
The Mishras - Benares Morning Chant - Monsoon Raga


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