17 May 2008

SoundRoots Spring Cleaning

Once again, a giant roundup of mp3s, links, and information from the great pile in the corner of the SoundRoots global headquarters. Like a cyber-garage-sale, but without all the unused exercise equipment. Best of all, it's all free (though you're welcome to drop something in the donation jar, if you feel inclined).

Feel like dancing? Kuduro de Angola has some intriguing tracks (along with a rich vein of YouTube), including a Portuguese remix of Angolan artist Puto Lila's song Tesoura

What Do Muslims Think? There's obviously no simple answer to that, but the Christian Science Monitor has an interesting series exploring that question. Some of the same questions are taken up by the anti-extremist Quilliam Foundation.

Israel, remixed: SoundRoots doesn't have the power to remix the politics of the Middle East, but we can point out some Y-Love remixes, including a rap infused version of this Idan Raichel tune

Everybody Sabar! Saharan Vibe continues to inspire and inform, this time with a great posting on Sabar music and dance, complete with vibrant photos of drummers and dancers. If you're interested in the music/dance/culture of Senegal, give it a read and check out the links to videos and more info.

Beyond "Phone Home": Also in the CSM recently was an article that may be of interest if you're not satisfied with the breadth of "world music." Apparently the University of Wyoming has a class focusing on creative writing for extraterrestrials. Maybe they'll do a music composition course for ET next quarter.

Do You Want Fries With That?: Did you know that this is the International Year of the Potato? It's true!

Obamamania, Part 2: Now that the Senator from Illinois has just about secured the nomination for the Oval Office, even more global sounds are emerging to support him. We mentioned a few before; now Analog Giant gives us an offering from Cocoa Tea, there's the will.i.am thing, even the slightly creepy "I Got a Crush...on Obama" by Obama Girl. And that's just scratching the surface... creep around YouTube for more, or check out the Obama song links here.

Camel Beauty Contests? No comment.

Music Microfunding: That may sound like a description of a Monday night tip jar, but in fact it's a new approach being pushed by our friends at Calabash Music. They're gathering seed money to start "an online music microfunding platform and social network that allows any musician to raise money for their next recording project directly from their fans." Sounds like a great idea. Read more.
Nigeria Special CD
The Mayor of Felatown: I don't know Raymond Dumas, but I can respect him for making a film called The Legends of Afrobeat (view trailer). Watch for it at a film festival near you.

Nigeria Special: Soundways has released an album called Nigeria Special: Modern Highlife, Afro-Sounds & Nigerian Blues 1970-76 -- you can hear/read/watch at www.nigeriaspecial.info. And you can download a free track by Celestine Ukwu & His Philosophers National: Okwukwe Na Nchekwube

Another Giant Leap: A great global music/video project is about to get another chapter. Jamie Catto and Duncan Bridgeman -- the guys behind the 1 Giant Leap film/CD -- have journeyed to over 50 locations, exploring them through music and conveying the complexities of human nature on a global scale and how we are all inter-connected, and will soon be releasing the new project, What About Me?

Video Fever: Link TV has a raft of new videos online, including "Seeing Hands" by Dengue Fever (from their new album Venus on Earth). Why is that man tied to the windshield? What's with the stealth bomber? Watch it to find out...

For She's a Jolly Good Fellow: In an effort to share artists' work around the globe, United States Artists and film company City Projects introduce Encounter: USA Fellows featuring video shorts profiling artists and their work. The latest video streaming through the Web features Latina singer/song-writer and Puerto Rican trova master, Lourdes Pérez. TheBrazilian Beats Boxset cover three-minute video is accompanied by a bio and other artist info -- it's quite well done. They're doing a total of 14 videos, about half of which are not online (they're not all musicians, but all interesting!).

Bongo-rific: Preview the new Brazilian Beats Boxset from Mr Bongo at brazilianbeats.info -- you can download three complete tracks from the compilation, including the funky Hot Pants Road (Phat Kev Re-edit) by Boogaloo Combo.

Joshua Fit the Battle of Lennon: And by gum, our friend Joshua Lebowski prevailed, winning the Lennon Song of the Year Award in the World category for his tune The Briss (which appears on his album Play a Little Prayer). Congrats, J!

Okay, that's enough for now... Hope you find some useful info and sounds in that lump. Let me know what you like, or what else you'd like to hear on SoundRoots. And keep those news tidbits coming.

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