14 May 2008

World Music Top 10 - May 2008

SoundRoots / Spin The Globe Top 10 World Music Albums - May 2008
The Rough Guide to Brazilian Street Party
1. various artists: Rough Guide to Brazilian Street Party
2. DJ Dolores:
1 Real
3. various artists:
Bollywood Steel Guitar
4. Firewater:
The Golden Hour
5. Toumast:
6. Sergio Mendes:
7. Golem:
Fresh Off Boat
8. Etran Finatawa:
Desert Crossroads
9. Gamelan X:
10. Freshlyground:

Boy, do I love the new Brazilian Street Party compilation! World Music Network has put together a marvelously energetic collection for this release -- and for a little longer you can catch a track from it at this earlier post.

Just confirmed an interview with Palestinian singer Reem Kelani for this Friday's Spin The Globe, so I'm off to do a little more research on her. Listen in, if you can. And watch this space in the next few days for a massive spring-cleaning post.

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