09 June 2008

Monday's mp3: Flamenco Chill

Chambao: Con Otro Aire
(Norte / Sony BMG)
Chambao - Con Otro Aire
Con Otre Aire is the fourth album from the Spanish-rooted group Chambao – I can’t tell you too much about their evolution, as I’ve only heard this and their previous album, Pokito a Poko. That release was denser and more heavily produced, while the new offering has a more rootsy, acoustic feel – one I find much more interesting and enjoyable.

Varied and lyrical, the album builds on a flamenco foundation without being limited by it. There’s plenty here to appeal to all kinds of listeners; fans of the Gipsy Kings, Ojos de Brujo, and Estrella Morente (who contributes vocals on “Lo Bueno Y Lo Malo”) will certainly enjoy Chambao…while finding their music quite distinct from those artists.
[mp3] Chambao: Lo Bueno y Lo Malo con Estrella Morente
from Con Otro Aire
Chambao website: www.chambao.es

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