30 June 2008

Monday's mp3: The Veil of Niyaz

Still struggling under an excessive bandwidth demand... which is a good thing, sort of. I'll address that shortly (in the meantime, visit the Tip Jar!), but for today here's something fabulous direct from Six Degrees Records. They've just released the latest from Niyaz, a group formed in 2005 by the trio of Azam Ali (Vas), Loga Tamin Torkian (Axiom of Choice), and Carmen Rizzo (R-New Mexico. No, just kidding...).Niyaz - Nine Heavens on SoundRoots.org

For their ambitious second release, Niyaz has created an enticing double album, with one disc of souped up world electronica, and another called "The Acoustic Sessions" -- with some of the same songs done without electronics, but with nonetheless Niyaz-like lush arrangement.

The whole package is certainly worth checking out for any fan of Middle Eastern, trance, or whatever else you might call their delicious music.

[mp3] Niyaz: Ishq-Love and the Veil
from Nine Heavens

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