20 June 2008

Music of the Caribbean + Kobo Town interview

Playlist for Spin the Globe on radio KAOS
20 June 2008

For the summer solstice we took a Caribbean vacation... one for your ears if not your body (archive link is below). We heard music from Cuba, Trinidad , Jamaica...plus an interview with Drew Gonsalves of the band Kobo Town , and a few other musical destinations.

Artist - Song - Album
hour 1
Ska Cubano - Tabu - Ay Caramba!
Lord Executor - The Lajobless (1938) - Calypso Calaloo
Leonardo Paniagua - Mi Secreto - Bachata Roja
Skatalites - Freedom Sounds - The Caribbean
Kobo Town - Abatina - Independence
Interview with Drew Gonsalves of Kobo Town
Kobo Town - Higher Than Mercy - Independence
Kobo Town - Corbeaus Following - Independence

hour 2
Habana Abierto - Basta Que lo digas tu - Boomerang
Lou Adams Orchestra - Barnyard Calypso - Native Caribbean Rhythm & Songs Sampler
Kawina Creole Group - Tampie - The Exotic and Pulsating Rhythms of the Caribbean
Lord Invader - Steel Band War - Calypso in New York
Mighty Sparrow - No, Doctor, No - First Flight
Maraca - Castigala - Rough Guide to Cuban Street Party
Grand Kalle & L’African Jazz - Parafifi - Rough Guide to Congo Gold
Rockamovya - Brown Stew Fish - Rockamovya
Tango Negro Trio - Murga del Atardeces - La Vuelta del Malon
Omega Bugembe Okello - Tugilabilile / Lets Take Care of the Earth - Kiwomera Emmeeme
Yemanja - Psalm Samba - Tales from Jupiter
Sonantes - Mambobit - Sonantes
Firewater - Bhangra Bros - The Golden Hour

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