03 June 2008

World Music Top 10, June 2008

SoundRoots / Spin The Globe Top 10 World Music Albums - May 2008

1. Emmanuel Jal: WarchildEmmanuel Jal - Warchild CD cover
2. various artists:
Bollywood Steel Guitar
3. Les Amazones de Guinee:
4. Afrissippi:
various artists: Rough Guide to Brazilian Street Party
various artists: Nigeria 70-Lagos Jump
7. Firewater:
The Golden Hour
8. Sergio Mendes:
9. Chambao:
Con Otro Aire
10. François Lindemann & Tewan:
(Click on album links above to hear samples of the albums, and to purchase albums at stores that support SoundRoots.)

It's not often that a hip hop CD tops the Spin The Globe monthly chart, but Emmanuel Jal's music is nearly as compelling as the story of his journey from child to child-soldier to internationally known musician. In fact, his music and his personal path are one and the same, and are told eloquently in his songs. I really recommend checking it out.

Elsewhere on this month's chart, we've got the Army women of Les Amazones de Guinee tearing up the dancefloor; Afrissippi Africa-USA blues collaboration tugging at your heart from two continents; the retro-Nigerian sounds of the compilation Africa 70: Lagos Jump; and repeat appearances by Firewater, Sergio Mendes, and the various artists of Bollywood Steel Guitar.

New releases jumping up the chart include the odd and wonderful Thai-jazz disc from François Lindemann and Tewan, and Chambao's fourth studio album.

This is a diverse lot of music, but I hope you'll take the time to check out each album. And leave your feedback in the comments, including what new releases I may be overlooking!

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