25 July 2008

Global Jazz

Playlist for Spin The Globe on radio KAOS, Olympia USA
25 July 2008 - global jazz

This week's show featured jazzy sounds from around the world, plus an interview with Nick Marino, managing editor of Paste magazine and one of the people behind their August 2008 edition focusing on "Redefining World Music."

Have a listen to the interview or read the magazine (you can read it online) and let me know what you think. Me, I'm not sold on their redefinition of the term. As I've said before, "world music" is a huge umbrella that verges on meaningless... but still it hints at some ethnic roots. Paste, by trying to shove under that umbrella everything from Icelandic rock to Argentine club music to Chinese punk, strip any requirement for ethnic content, and suggest -- as Marino says in the interview -- that all music is world music, because it's made somewhere in the world. Which is to say, Paste is redefining a term that, to them, actually has no meaning.

Hmmm.... Interesting concept for a cover story.

I think Paste is trying to play both sides, reaching out to something more international while trying to maintain their usual pop/rock audience. I appreciate the effort, but I don't buy into their premise. Good music is good music, yes. And if they want to cast their net more broadly for indie/rock/punk/dj/club/pop music from around the world, they shouldn't need a special "world music" edition to do so. But to strip from the already shaky term "world music" the ethnic roots that give it what little usefulness it has, well that's just silly.

So for Paste's next issue (and Nick says they're thinking of doing it again...), I would suggest another term. Perhaps "global sounds" or "planetary pop" or "the best music on Earth." If they ask me. Which they haven't. Yet.

Other gripes with Paste: they left SoundRoots off their list of Web resources for global sounds; only five of the 19 tracks on their sampler CD are really "world music;" and there's nary a mention of any of our top 10 artists/albums of 2007 -- even though Gipsy.cz and Forro in the Dark would seem to be right up their alley.

Anyway, here's this week's STG playlist and link to listen:
Artist - Song - Album
hour 1
Francois Lindemann & Tewan - Loaw Kratopmai - Thai
Roberto Roena - Take Five (Nicola Conte remix) - I Like it Like That
Ojoyo - The Bridge - African Gold
Global Village Orchestra - Little Shiva - Globalistics
Tom Teasley - Sheba’s Dream - Painting Time
BLK JKS - Lakeside - Paste Magazine sampler 45
Interview with Nick Marino of Paste Magazine
Mugison - Mugiboogie -
Paste Magazine sampler 45
Orchestra Baobab - Nijaay -
Paste Magazine sampler 45
hour 2
Toni Iordache - Cantec Si Breaza Ca La Fantanele - Rough Guide to the Music of Romanian Gypsies
Electric Kulintang - Anitos / Spirits - Dialects
Bantu feat. Ayuba - Many Lessons - Many Lessons
Issa Bagayogo - Dibi - Mali Koura
Mounira Mitchala - Talou Lena - Talou Lena
Max Wild feat. Oliver Mtukudzi - Teerera - Advance single
Beata Soderberg & Justango - Vamos Animales - Bailata
Omega Bugembe Okello - Ndituusa Wa? / How Long? - Kiwomera Emmeeme
Orange Winds - Tae Pjung Ga / Korean Winds - Dahab Walk
Boubacar Traore - Kar Kar - Desert Blues 3
Klazz Brothers - Calypso Facile - Sonate C-DUR KV 545 - Mozart Meets Cuba
Richard Bona - Te Dikalo - Scenes From My Life
Olga Muschula & Kirmash - Vesennajaja hora / spring hora - Dulcimer of Belarus

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