07 July 2008

Monday's mp3: Baaba Maal Remixed

We haven't heard much from Baaba Maal recently...not since his 2001 album Missing You...Me Yeewnii. He's done concerts, of course, and there was the compilation Palm World Voices: Baaba Maal, which contained highlights from his career. Baaba Maal on SoundRoots.org

Well, that's about to change. I'm eagerly anticipating the new acoustic album called On The Road, but since it hasn't arrived yet, here's a little Baaba to whet your appetite. This is from a three-song 2002 remix EP, and features his stunning vocals with a tasteful, nearly acoustic backing track.

[mp3] Baaba Maal: Jamma Jenngii (J Walk Remix)
from Remix 2002 - remixes from the album Missing You...Me Yeewnii

And head on over to Baaba's website, where you can nab a free download of the song "Koni" featuring Ernest Ranglin from the upcoming "bootleg" album.

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