05 July 2008

Pacifika Pop

Pacifika: Asuncion (Six Degrees)
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Pacifika - Asuncion - on world music blog SoundRoots.orgIt’s not often that a new Latin alternative/pop band grows up among the towering Douglas firs of British Columbia. But Vancouver-based Pacifika isn’t letting their northern climate get in the way of making catchy tunes. Admittedly, their global influence stems from the origins of the band members: singer Silvana Kane was born in Peru; Toby Peter grew up in Barbados, and Adam Popowitz, well, he’s actually Canadian, though with a rather diverse resume.

Together they make music that wouldn’t be out of place in an Ibeza lounge, or as an opening for Trio Mocoto or Zuco 103. Layers of sound often overshadow the ethnic roots of the musicians, but Pacifika isn’t in the business of ethnomusicology – they’re creating gently global music for a culture that’s only just starting to emerge.

[mp3] Pacifika: Me Cai (download here / video here)
from the album Asuncion

band website: www.pacifikaonline.com


Anonymous said...

Definitely doesn't sound Made in Canada!

The track here reminds me a bit of Ojos de Brujo.

Anonymous said...

I must beg to differ, Liz! That's what Made in Canada is all about.

I've followed this group for about two years now, and have to say they are very, very good.

Anonymous said...

groovein'bass tecklectic guitar and the prettiest most talented singer girl ever