02 July 2008

Save the kitten!

I hate to resort to threats, but it's come to this. SoundRoots has been receiving a record number of hits and downloads. At the end of June, we had to take some content offline because we'd hit our bandwidth ceiling. That pains us, because we're here to help spread the word about global culture, specifically new music that has crept into our hearts. And just reading about the music isn't fun, I know.

That's not the bad part, though. We can always get more bandwidth, or find another way of hosting the files. The bad part is that as hits have skyrocketed, comments have plummeted.orange kitten soup - photo ©Scott Allan Stevens Dropped like a wet emu tied to a rock that's duck-taped to an anvil. And that, my friends, is most discouraging. We understand that some visitors may not have time to respond to the offerings on SoundRoots. But others of you, we're sure, really care.

Now you have even more reason to care. Because if we don't start getting comments by the end of the weekend, it's kitten soup for everyone. Really. We're not kidding.*

So take a moment to leave a comment. Tell us what you like, what you don't like, what you'd like to see covered on SoundRoots, or why you think our complete failure to even mention Shakira's name somewhere in our 500+ postings over the years is a travesty of the highest order.

Otherwise, well...I'm cutting up some potatoes and carrots right now.

*Okay, we are. But only about the soup. And only because we're vegetarian.


Anonymous said...

I discovered your blog a couple of weeks ago, and I really like it! It's my favourite kind of music (although I like quite a lot of other kinds). I really hope you will continue with this site!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I love you to. What I like best that you post is the stuff wot I never heard before & didn't even know I liked. I'd like to see you cover even more of that sort of stuff...well you asked! Seriously though among the recent stuff (& I've just been on 4 weeks vacation & have catching up to do) particularly liked the Yoshida Brothers track.



Anonymous said...

I'm very late with this... I hope the poor kitten is still holding on!

Basically what I like about the site is that it's such a source of inspiration. Like anonymous said, I like discovering stuff I've never heard of and didn't know I liked until I saw and listened to it here.

The unpretentious approach is also good - It would be easy to feel a bit lost amidst all this obscure music!