22 August 2008

Don't Make Me Get All New-Fangled On Ya

By now you've noticed that we've got a new format for presenting mp3s. Yippee! That means less bandwidth strain for us, and more frequent postings for you. Everyone wins.

Judging from recent feedback, however, a little instruction on the care and feeding of the new mp3s is in order. You've probably figured out that if you click on the arrow on the left of the mp3 bar, you'll get the file to play. In many cases, you can also click on the little boxes on the right side (indicated by the arrow), which will get you to a page from which you can download the mp3.

Hope that's all clear. Now go take a nap, 'cause I know you're gonna want to stay up late to watch the Nigeria-Argentina gold-medal soccer match. I am!

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