08 August 2008

Music of China and Tibet...and elsewhere

Spin the Globe Playlist as heard on KAOS-fm

Music of China and Tibet to mark the opening of the Olympics and the various complexities surrounding the games. A special shout out to the members of Team Darfur, particularly those who found their visas for China revoked and themselves thereby banned from the games because of their principled stand in favor of human rights in Sudan.
Team Darfur on SoundRoots.org

Artist - Song - Album

hour 1
Hanggai -- Yekul Song -- Introducing Hanggai
Liu Fang & Farhan Sabbagh -- The Night of Bonfires -- Rough Guide to China
Tang Ren Ti -- Tai duo de wenti (Ma Xiaoyu remix) -- Jazz-rap
Pan Zhenhua -- Spring -- China-A Time To Listen
Jiang Ting -- Tea Leaf Picking Dance -- Dance
Liu Jian -- The Girl Named Leaves -- Black Pearls
Dadawa -- Paradise Inferno -- Sister Drum
Jou Tou -- Danse du Peuple Yi-A -- Jou Tou
Li Xing infants -- Thousands of miles away -- Grandmother's Penghu Bay
Lin Youren -- Improvisation for Michael Owen -- Acoustic World China
Lin Youren -- Lanterns & Moon Competing in Brilliance -- Acoustic World China
Choying Drolma & Steve Tibbets -- Kyema Mimin -- Holding Up Half the Sky-Voices of Asian Women
Sa Dingding -- Alive -- Alive

hour 2
Niyaz -- Hejran (acoustic) -- Nine Heavens
Solomon & Socalled feat. Michael Alpert -- Alt.shul Kale Bazetsn -- Rough Guide to Klezmer Revolution
Beata Soderberg -- Quiera Terere -- Bailata
Yungchen Lhamo -- Happiness Is… -- Coming Home
Ricardo Lemvo -- Mentirosa -- Rough Guide to Latin Street Party
Boban Markovic Orkestar -- Latino -- The Promise
Mocidade samba school -- Segura o pe de conversa -- Batucada Brasileira
Mounira Mitchala -- Darfour -- Talou Lena
Gigi -- Aynama -- Gigi
Tianjin Buddhist Music Ensemble -- Elangzi -- Buddhist Music of Tianjin
Aurelio Martinez -- Yalifou -- Garifuna Soul
Massilia Sound System -- Dins mon canton -- Occitanista
Mocidade samba school -- Abertura -- Batucada Brasileira

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