05 August 2008

Summer Party Soundtrack

Sidestepper - Buena Vibra Sound System - on SoundRoots.orgCD REVIEW
Sidestepper: The Buena Vibra Sound System
(Palm Pictures)

Remixes often go overboard in their attempts to remodel (or, depending on who's opining, destroy) the original tune. The new CD from Sidestepper does it right, not only giving us 11 tracks of hot Columbian sounds mixed with ragga-style toasting and booty-shaking beats. Nine of the 11 tracks are (like this song) previously unreleased, and any fan of Latin dance music is going to want to release them into the neighborhood this summer.

[mp3] Sidestepper: Que Sera (radio edit)
from The Buena Vibra Sound System

more on the group at www.sidestepper.net

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