15 September 2008

Monday's mp3: More, Love!

Terne Chave - More, Love!

Another shipment from my friends at Indies Scope again has me marveling at the diversity in the Czech music scene. A clear standout is the oddly titled disc from Terne Chavre.
Terne Chave - More Love! - on SoundRoots.org
Distinctly Roma vocals ground the clever folk-rock arrangements of both originals and traditional songs, telling tales of love, lust, cats, beautiful girls, more love... There seems to be a theme here! That theme would explain the CD's title, ... if "More, Love!" weren't actually Czech for "Money, Mate!"

The boisterous title track has something to do with moneylending, but the English lyric translations can be nearly as baffling as the confusing order in which the lyrics are printed. Still, that's easily forgotten in the rich love of life (and music) so obvious in "Amara Chaja / Our Girls," "Aj Jaj Jaj," and pretty much all the rest of the album.

[mp3] Terne Chavre: Sukar Jakha (Beautiful Eyes)
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and a little visual treat from the band...

Terne Chave -

Also freshly released is the new album by Gipsy.cz, which you know you'll be hearing more about soon. Stay tuned.

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