02 September 2008

The Multikulti Future...

More and more of the music we're hearing today is made up of multicultural groups, or even individual artists with a multicultural background.

Just in the last few days we've received an album of Czech music with didjeridoo and djembe; an album from a Chicago-based group that fuses funk and Bollywood, English and Tamil; albums from Israeli and Czech hip-hop artists; and a Latin Lounge compilation that includes artists from Germany, England, and Austria alongside others from actual Latin lands.
Multilingual Living magazine on SoundRoots.org
A number of such artists who are open to multicultural musical explorations have family roots that spread to many parts of the globe. And I just ran across an interesting resource for families raising kids in such a situation. The Bilingual/Bicultural Family Network "is made up of families around the world who are raising their children bilingually and/or biculturally. The group provides support and resouces in the form of a website and e-newsletter packed with content as well as Seattle-based presentations, seminars and email contact."

Check it out at www.biculturalfamily.org

One of the links from the site leads to a fun and useful page of bilingual vocabulary quizzes in flashcard style. Just how good is your Tagalog/German/Lingala, really?


Anonymous said...

Nice blog. I have added it to my favourites, greetings. I love this great Louis_Armstrong song -
What a Wonderful World

Anonymous said...

Nice post. I came across the Bilingual / Bicultural Family network recently and thought it was interesting. I didn't find the quiz though!

So do you think there is more mixing of cultures these days, or do we just pay more attention to it?